Cook yourself German #2 – „Schnitzel mit Kartoffel-Gurken-Salat“ = schnitzel with potato-cucumber salad


When you ask people about traditional German dishes, they will most likely respond „Sausage“ and „Schnitzel“. I wrote a bit about sausage in the last article – no one in their right mind will make them at home. But the other favourite dish of most Germans is really easy to make at home. And is best combined with another absolut classic – potato salad.

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Cook yourself German #1 „Kartoffelsuppe“ = Potato and vegetable stew and little sausage guide


There are three cusines that i absolutely love, which, i think you can easily see from the dishes in this blog: the Italian, nowadays more and more the Asian. And the German. But still you don’t find so many German recipes here. The reason why: Since i write in German i don’t want to bore the reader with stuff they know inside out anyway. But i also feel since a long time, that the German cusine is still somewhat underrepresented outside of the country, that few classics besides the absolute clichees are known and that there could be more German traditional recipes in English language on the net. So i thought it would be cool to start a little 10-piece series in English, in which i, now and then, introduce some absolute German classics of which i sure, many people will enjoy and will have no trouble whatsoever a) getting the ingredients and b) making. As with every traditonal dish, there are many possible variations so here you’ll find my favourite but i will still try not to experiment with the basics. And, although there is not THE German cusine, but there are rather endless regional specialties, i chose ten dishes, that, more or less, everyone in the whole country knows and loves.

I would be absolutely thrilled, if anyone would actually try and make some of the dishes and shares his / her experience and maybe some pics of the results.

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