R.I.P. Jean „Toots“ Thielemans


R.I.P. Jean „Toots“ Thielemans – the very first jazz concert i worked at. I was responsible for „artist care“ 😉 which meant driving the van to the airport and making coffee. The man was so nice. I was deepest in my Jaco Pastorius phase. The concert was at a big church. I said my favorite Jaco tune was „Three views of a secret“ – Toots instantly asked the band „hey, can we do a church version of three views?“. Toots said that Jaco „was the strongest coffee he ever drank“. I had tears in my eyes when they actually played the tune that night. What a lovely, sweet man. What a deep and soulful player. Gonna be some more strong coffee in heaven now for Toots and Jaco.

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